Sunday, June 26, 2005

China on the Move

The product of a conference jointly sponsored by the
Rand Corporation and Centre Asie Ifri, this volume
represents a transatlantic view of Chinese national
strategy and capabilities and offers a common path for
engaging rising Chinese power. Its aim is to examine
the issues through a U.S.-French prism and to facilitate
analysis of how to develop U.S.-European cooperation on
China policy.

Quote :

"Beyond these somewhat jaded and cursory views of
Chinese diplomacy lies the undeniable reality that in
the last ten years Chinese foreign policy has become far
more sophisticated, confident, and in some instances
proactive. These changes have been slow and subtle, but
from the vantage point of 2003, they collectively
represent a substantial transition from the early 1990s.
Chinese leaders have begun to cast off the shadow of a
reactive nation reluctant to fully engage the
international community in multiple forums and on a wide
range of topics.

Chinese strategists have gradually recognized the value
to Chinese interests of active participation in regional
and multilateral forums and addressing the full
complement of transnational issues. Chinese
policymakers have also moved away from viewing much of
their foreign policy through the prism of the Taiwan

Not only has China?s participation in international
debates and institutions increased but the quality of
its participation has improved as well. To a limited
extent, the Chinese are beginning to play a role in
shaping the evolution of the rules and functions of
regional multilateral organizations.

In many ways, this shift in Chinese thinking and
policies represents one of the most profound transitions
in China?s foreign policy since the founding of the PRC
in 1949. These developments raise serious implications
for the future of U.S.-China relations as well as the
full complement of transnational security, economic, and
social challenges confronting the international
community." (Rand © 2005)

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