Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hashimoto Ryutaro, a Tokyo Missi Dominicus to Beijing.

Former Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto of the Liberal
Democratic Party will visit China from June 8 and 13.

Mr. Hashimoto will visit China on an exchange program
for defense officials between Japan and China, according
to the LDP.

("The missi dominici were the last attempt to preserve
centralized control in the Holy Roman Empire. In the
course of the ninth century, the forces which were
making for feudalism tended to produce inherited
fiefdoms as the only way to ensure stability, especially
in the face of renewed external aggression in the form
of Viking attacks...")

When I interviewed R. Hashimoto a couple of times, he always
complained that Junichiro Koizumi never listened to nobody
about top subject on foreign affairs, Iraq, China, Yasukuni...
Ex prime minister Hashimoto is known to have closed relations
with Chinese leaders, and with Chinese ordinary citizens...

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