Monday, September 14, 2009

"And the Royal boat sails on..."

Emperor Akihito left (76) rows a 7 meter traditional Japanese
wooden boat named "Také" which his father, late Emperor
Showa, had used to collect sea animals for his research, as
Empress Michiko (75), second right, Princess Kiko and her son
Prince Hisahito enjoy a ride off Hayama Zushi in Kanagawa on
Monday. The royal family was spending their late summer
vacation in their villa in the seaside resort surrounded
early in the day by well wishers.

The Emperor and the Empress took Princess Kiko and her son
Prince Hisahito to the sea rowing the boat themselves.

Japanese Emperor Akihito (L) Empress Michiko (C) and Princess
Kiko's three-year-old son Prince Hisahito (R).

Commentators have endles waves of interpretations about these
late summer 2009 Japan Royal family images.

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