Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Japan historic change" Part 2 : Now, they take vacations !

Shonan Beach, 90 minutes from Tokyo
Crowded with kids and teens

Japan's first-ever "Silver Week" holiday, resulting
from a few days of continued public holidays in
September this year, jammed expressways, flights and
shinkansen bullet trains, crowded with people heading
to their hometowns and resorts under clear skies
almost across the nation.

Respect for Senior Citizens Day on Monday, observed
each year on the third Monday of September, Autumnal
Equinox Day on Wednesday, astronomically determined
but usually observed Sept 23 and the Kokumin no
Kyujitsu holiday added between them on Tuesday

Expressways were congested from the morning, with
vehicles backed up for tens of kilometers on
Expressways. Stations and airports are crowded with
travelers, including families with large bags, with
many people wearing masks as a preventive measure
against the new type of influenza H1N1.

Some choose culture and nourish their leisure time
with philosophy as these tourists I met in Kyoto late
15th century Ryoanji "Temple of the Peaceful Dragon".
The temple's main attraction is its rock garden, the
most famous of its kind in Japan. The simple Zen
garden consist of nothing but rocks, moss and neatly
raked gravel. The meaning of the garden's arrangement
is unknown and up to each visitor's interpretation.

Ryoan-Ji, Kyoto

Others, true fans of Mickey, go to Tokyo Disneyland
with children, many others go back hometown take care
of their parents with such a long spell of holidays in
autumn only this year.

Shonan Beaches are always jammed.
Temperature today: 20 to 27 °C, maybe more.

(Images from raretr. blog)

Good weather announced in many parts of Japan during
Silver Week event though a typhoon flies far south in
the Pacififc ocean, unlikely to approach the Japanese
archipelago, according to the Japan Meteorological

See you next week.

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