Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Letters of Fukushima...

Fukushima parliament investigation commission president, Dr. Kurokawa was grilled recently about the different version of the 2 reports provided in Japanese and in English at the Parliament and at press events in Tokyo. The major problem is that the English version of the president message is not the translation of the original document in Japanese. It is the translation and interpretation of notes of the commission chair Kurokawa who criticized the Japanese culture and the traditional system applied by the country saying it is responsible for the Fukushima nuclear accident. 

The "Message from the Chairman" in Japanese is the original version, to be read by Japanese people whoever they are, while the English version is rather for policy makers. It is my opinion that the original Japanese version of the President message should be entirely translated into English, as it is to appear end of July or mid August 2012, so that the world readers can accurately understand the report on the Fukushima nuclear accident, as it is presented in its original form to the Japanese society and to foreigners with its causes, its origins, the why and when, and with the recommendation contained after the 6 months investigation of the Kurokawa commission. 

This will answer to the need of: "highest standard of transparency" as Dr. Kurokawa wrote. Since Donald Keene, we know that perfect translation exists. Shouldn't the tragedy of Fukushima deserve a battery of expert world-known translators and specialized companies whose commitment is accuracy and sense of the century rather than a mere contractual obligation...?

So what's next? " They " [Diet members] are going to make it very political." Kurokawa-san told me. " I bet they are going to " I answered and then we both shook hands prior to part.

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