Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tokyo the sin-city for politicians' tricks...

Ichiro Ozawa recently slammed the door to Noda's ruling party leader and prime minister and left the DPJ with a noisy campaign. Exploding ruling parties is an art the Shadow Shogun excels at... and faithful to his reputation the notorious Ichiro Ozawa inaugurated tonight at the Nagatacho Kensei Kinenkan his new party, the "Kokumin no Seikatsu ga Daiichi", the party of "People's Livelihoods First". They form a 50 upper and lower-house members party, all of whom left the ruling party last week in protest against the tax hike bill. 

 Ichiro Ozawa founder of the "Kokumin no Seikatsu ga Daiichi" party

Ozawa who now leads the third-largest national political party wants to open to new high ranking politicians from everywhere or celebrities such as DPJ Yukio Hatoyama, ex-prime minister and like Ozawa an opponent to the tax increase. Ozawa said that the government increase of the sales tax to 10% in 2015 is a breach of the DPJ's 2009 election promise not to raise the tax for at least four years. Ozawa said the DPJ's shelving of pension and elderly health-care reforms to gain the support of the opposition conservatives parties to pass the tax bill is also a betrayal. This is the fourth party Mr. Ozawa creates since breaking with the Liberal Democratic Party in 1993, causing him to be nicknamed "Destroyer"! He is on his course... Ozawa also will work on reducing Japan's reliance on nuclear power.

I met Yuko Mori san (picture up), a female top strategist from the House of Councillors and Yawara chan --the Judoka Olympic gold medal from Sydney Olympics in 2000 and the Athens Olympics in 2004-- her real name at the Diet is Ryoko Tani (picture under), her wish is to help to create a nation everyone would desire. 

One who desires to come back to politics is ex LDP Taizō Sugimura 杉村 太蔵 , "Sugi kun" is a "Koizumi children", a young politician born in Asahikawa, Hokkaidō bred mid 2000's by former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi. He became the youngest member of the House of Representatives after the September 11, 2005 general election although he was ranked quite far. He is "genki" in good shape and eccentric enough to catch attention in the Japanese area of "talento" politicians. Sugimura kun came then to media attention "for his excitement at the prospect of the range of perks available for elected politicians", including high class restaurants, first class travel on the Shinkansen and being able to afford a BMW. 

Sugimura san (R) Joel (L) tonight at TIF Pronto

Sugimura was at that time harshly reprimanded by LDP executives for his comments, and publicly apologised at a news conference on September 27, 2005 saying they had been "immature and irresponsible. He ran in House of Councillors election in 2010 as a proportional candidate of The Sunrise Party of Japan. 

Nowadays we are happy to say that his mood for expensive French restaurant has come to a pause. He was the guest of honor of the president of the Pronto chain (Suntory group is behind) of nice stylish cafés and restaurants... Sugimura san is now learning the life of ordinary salarymen. Who says politicians don't... change? Two major changes illustrate that very truth of world politics tonight in the real heart of Tokyo the cradle, Tokyo the sin-city for politicians' tricks... Enlightening! 

But let's be serious the big news in the Tokyo evening newspapers and on TVs on Wednesday night is the tragic death of a baby panda at Tokyo Ueno zoo. This is real life.

Sugimura kun knows the price of a simple beer now, like a simple salaryman!

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