Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mika Yamamoto, killed in Syria while covering the civil war

Mika Yamamoto, a courageous journalist, a free lancer, a Japanese woman of talent and a humanist, she was killed on Monday in Syria covering the civil war. Some of her first reports were in the Unzen Dake, Kyushu, a dramatic volcano eruption where many cameramen and scientists lost their life in June 1991 while covering the catastrophe. She later covered Iraq war, and others, in ex Yugoslavia. When and where she could Mika Yamamoto always testified for the victims, for the people. More and more free lancers die in action nowadays, hired by radio television and press, often without security guaranteed, to cover wars and disasters affecting people's life. Mika Yamamoto felt natural to cover wars after her work on natural disasters and catastrophes. She honorably devoted her life and we feel close to her parents to whom we present our condolences for the painful loss of their daughter.


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