Saturday, May 30, 2009

Japanese car makers: No cash to host race?

Toyota "may" stop hosting the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix auto race in the face of the auto industry depression, according to today's edition of the Japan Times. Toyota is considering the move as a way to reduce costs as it expects to fall deep into the red in fiscal 2009 for the second straight year, they said. The annual Formula One race in Japan is held alternately between Fuji International Speedway and Suzuka International Racing Course.

Toyota purchased Fuji International Speedway Co. in 2000 and hosted the grand prix on Fuji speedway in 2007 after winning the right by renovating the race course at a cost of ¥20 billion. The Suzuka circuit, affiliated with Honda Motor Co., is the venue for this year's Japanese grand prix.

If Toyota decides to give up the 2010 grand prix, the Suzuka circuit may host it, the Japan Times writes. Toyota will continue participating in Formula One racing itself.

Let's see in October.

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  1. Well It's Toyota's prerogative, If they decide to stop hosting formula 1 Jap Grand Prix still that's their decision. My opinion, I hope they still host it and continue to support the Japan Grand Prix. hmmm


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