Sunday, September 06, 2009

China: When nostalgia defeats revolution

"A bunch of eunuchs?"

"To observe September 1, the national back-to-school day,
Hangzhou's Ziyang Elementary School held a special ceremony
in which teachers and students wore Qing costumes. According
to principal Lu Aiping, this was intended to honor the
school's long history, which extends back to 1703 and the
reign of the Kangxi Emperor.

Chinese Internet users saw it quite a bit differently. In a
thread on Tiexue net, someone commented : they look like a
bunch of eunuchs.

Another netizen said, Qing costumes are the ugliest. History
was evoked to make the argument more compelling : At the
beginning of Kangxi's rule, Southern Ming minister Zhang
Huangyan was captured and sent to Hangzhou to be

When the people saw Zhang in Ming style clothes, everyone
shed tears. Now, 98 years after the Han drove out the aliens
and recovered the country, how can these barbarian clothes
still be the fashion? When they students wear barbarian
clothes, do they even think of Zhang, who was buried by West
Lake? The newspaper report said that principal Lu has
received scores of angry letters protesting the ceremony.
One outraged citizen was afraid that his complaints would be
ignored if he posted on the school BBS, so instead he hacked
the school's website and posted an open letter decrying the
ceremony." End of quotes.

✍ In Yokohama Chinatown I'd understand but I am quite not
sure to see what is behind this sudden wind of nostalgia.

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