Monday, September 07, 2009

Japanese hell for exams... it's the Yakuza, stupid!

I read that the most of the (in)famous Yakuza groups are
forcing members to take "gangster exam". From the Mainichi
online. First I was surprised because I thought that most of
the leaders of gangs already graduated from top universities
prior to join top firms.

But here I can feel a fresh wind of reform that is blessing
the whole archipelago. Fresh and professional.

After all this is Japan, there is only one way to do serious
career (in crime) and it is to be a well groomed educated
(bandit) careerist.

(Young ladies modeling with excessive make up)

"Japan's largest and most notorious organized crime group,
the Yamaguchi-gumi, is forcing members to take a "gangster
exam" in order to reduce costly damages suits, police have
discovered. An affiliate based in Shiga Prefecture is
distributing written tests on the revised Anti-Organized
Crime Law, which allows higher-ranking gang members to be
sued for the actions of their subordinates, as a preventative
measure against future lawsuits. Police believe the test has
been introduced by Yamaguchi-gumi groups across the country.
Police first discovered the test during an investigation of a
member of the affiliate."

It is now the time of kids getting back to school and it
influences massively the Yakuza, apparently.

"A 12-question exam paper, complete with model answers, was
among the items confiscated. Questions included "What kind
of activities are banned?" with "dumping industrial waste;
bootlegging fuel; theft of construction vehicles and other
expensive items; phone fraud scams" etc. listed as the
correct answers. The model answer to the final question,
"What are you required to do in all your activities?" was:
"report and consult with my bosses."

Very organized people. I would not like to appear ironic but
was there any question about more lethal "activities"? Hang
a politician in the bathroom, push a businessman into ordeal
after kidnapping his family, take commissions from the real
estate business industry that impair national budget,
extorting kids at school with the heavy hands of young thugs,
etc. etc. etc.

Mainichi report
Images of body painting

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