Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Is China "frustrated" with Pyongyang?

NHK World web-page

In an article on its website and TV channel news at 1900,
Japanese public channel NHK reported on tuesday night about
an alleged debate held within China powerful leadership based
on a column published in People's Daily and re-published into
English in its People's Daily' group Global Times. Needless
to say it will fuel polemical talks in the P.R. of China and
Japan. But it seems in the natural order of things and

✍ I as always felt that the world would be a better place the
day when we will be able to travel from Fukuoka to Paris and
London via Beijing and the Korean peninsula by High Speed
train such as the T.G.V. and it would require the most
fabulous infrastructures ever built since the... building of
the Chinese Great Wall and the Roman empire? If it is
confirmed that some, at the top level in China, are ready to
dump North Korea stalinian regime, today was an other
historic day in Asia!


"Party paper says China reviews N. Korean policy

A Chinese newspaper says discussion is taking place within
the Chinese leadership to review their North Korean policy. A
senior reporter of the Communist Party newspaper, People's
Daily, wrote that the nuclear test by North Korea in May
prompted the move. An affiliated newspaper, Global Times,
ran the signed editorial on Tuesday. The editorial says the
view that North Korea is a strategic buffer zone for China is
outdated. It also says the two countries' bilateral
friendship treaty, which stipulates a mutual defense
obligation, should be reviewed to fit the situation. It
urges a change from the unbalanced relationship in which
China unilaterally provides economic aid to North Korea. It
is unusual for a party paper to question China's traditional
relationship with North Korea. It apparently shows the
frustration of the Chinese leadership toward North Korea,
which left the six-party talks on its nuclear program and
conducted the nuclear test in May. North Korea still refuses
to return to the talks, of which China is the host." End of

2009/09/08 20:51(JST) from NHK

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