Friday, February 12, 2010

METI minister Naoshima fancies non-polluting vehicles ♪♬♯♫♪

"À bicyclette"... like in the song interpreted by Yves Montand, METI new look after Toyota's recall crisis is to go green and push yourself on the pedal... It works.


This was filmed with a camera-phone.

The minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Masayuki Naoshima 64 years old has decided to shift from automobiles to bicycle following the Toyota's "Débâcle" ? He demonstrated his great ability at his ministry early year usual celebration held in a posh hotel in Tokyo. A way to change his mood following the industrial alarms which stroke Japan: JAL, Toyota, Honda.

I recently emceed an event where he was our Guest Speaker at FCCJ, so naturally, when we chatted together during the party, I asked him what he thought about the situation and if Japan would be looked with some concerns of a lower quality problem, he answered that he expected the media "to tell him more about the reality"... of Japan Inc industrial pattern, inclusive of communication (disability?).

But Masayuki Naoshima was quick to blame the global economic system after the Toyota recall: "I think it's a serious issue because of the big scale. (We're witnessing) one of the risks of the global system… Ultimately I'd like them to cope with the situation resolutely, especially in regaining the confidence of the consumers." Many analysts blame Toyota's pursuit of cheaper suppliers.

Masayuki Naoshima is a 3 term member of the House of Councillors (proportional representation) he was born after the war and graduated from Kobe University. On the green path of boosting recycled energies?


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