Thursday, February 28, 2013


Fukushima containment 2 years after 3/11 

The Fukushima reporter in the devastated nuclear plant

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I attended a briefing of TEPCO on Wednesday for my RTL France news-station report to come in a few days from the site of the FUKUSHIMA nuclear power plant. I am getting prepared with anti-radiation and anti-contamination equipment and necessary information to work within Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear power plant, 2 years after the nuclear accident of March, 11th 2011.

A group of foreign journalists based in Japan received today a comprehensive orientation meeting. I have to say that the staff of Tepco improved quite a lot about briefings in such circumstance. Communication and explanation were good and strict to the point, it must be indeed. 

I felt a bit of excitement among some journalists at the briefing on radiation exposure, a bit of a thrill when hearing about exposition to radiation in some locations of the NPP. Condition and security of nuclear workers over there must really be a nightmare I guess. I'll testify some days from now. 

To be continued...

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