Saturday, April 09, 2005

China and Japan : rivalry for a millennium ?

Time to talk! East Asian nations never stop talking
about the necessity to build and East Asia community,
based on European common market (Ceca) foundations.

A summit is adequately planned in December 2005. Less
than 8 months of fights, aggressions and verbal attacks
before to reach a so called " soft diplomatic approach"?

Knock knock: Someone here to stop procrastination?


"Japan's prime ministers and its emperor have apologized
to China for the brutal conduct of the occupying
Japanese army in the 1930s-1940s on no fewer than 17
occasions since the two countries restored diplomatic
relations in 1972.

Seven years ago, Japan also made a written apology for
its harsh colonial rule of the Korean peninsula, in
1910-45. But its expressions of regret have never been
seen as quite sufficient, especially by China. So,
though relations between the East Asian powers have
improved greatly since the end of the second world war,
Japan’s big neighbors remain acutely sensitive to any
words or deeds on its part that suggest a lack of
genuine contrition."

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