Friday, April 08, 2005

Showa day : Japan's amnesia for WW2 crimes?

The issue is far from being resolved. The conclusion of
this editorial is not too risky. Compensation of WW2
victims remains an embarrassment for Japanese
government. The WW2 amnesia also is sources of concerns
for ex Axis powers' allies or de facto (French
Petainists included). Where is the debate among
Japanese intellectuals on Showa Day "incident" ?


Showa Day


It should not be used to drum up reactionary sentiment.

April 29, the national holiday known as Midori no Hi, or
Greenery Day, is likely to be renamed as Showa Day in
2007. A Lower House plenary session has already
approved a bill for the name change. If it is enacted,
Greenery Day will be moved to May 4, now part of the
Golden Week national holidays...

... LDP and Komeito lawmakers who proposed the change
stress their hope that Showa Day will become a day for
people to recall the lessons learned during the Showa
Era. They seem to be trying to say that this is not a
reactionary move to recall the Showa Era and Emperor
Showa with nostalgia.

If so, it is all the more necessary for them to respond
sincerely to the voices of people in Japan and its
neighbors and make serious efforts to allay their
concerns. IHT/Asahi: April 7,2005)

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