Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Japan coming carriers : what Japanese press does not want to print!

The Asahi Shimbun, April 5(IHT/Asahi: April 6,2005)
wrote :


"As for the the role of the SDF, we cannot support the
LDP's call for labeling them a self-defense military.
It is a fact that the SDF are among the world's most
powerful forces in terms of equipment and capability.
People overseas also regard the SDF as a military force.
Also, it is a fact that the SDF have taken root as a
constitutional entity in the minds of the Japanese

The public accepted the SDF and holds its members in
high esteem because the members are distinct from
ordinary military forces in that they are not allowed to
use force overseas. It can be argued that the Japanese
people accepted the SDF simply because they are
self-defensive in nature. And this factor, combined
with limitations on their military cooperation with U.S.
forces, surely contributed to Japan's stable relations
with other Asian nations.

Given those facts, it is unlikely the public would
support transforming the role of the SDF."

end of quotes

Rhetorical... the author of this editorial is a genuine
idiot or a real manipulator. Japan Navy will acquire 2
carriers in 2008 and 4 others in 2012. The shift from
helicopters to jets is easy and consist into redesigning
the deck infrastructures. In addition to refueling
planes for the JASDF. The projection force of Japanese
Army is on the right track, nothing bad with this
sovereign decision but why does this so called serious
newspaper added to a kisha club at JDA lie or pretend?


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