Saturday, April 09, 2005

Deadly Bird Flu Could Spread Beyond Asia

"The potential for the disease to spread to other
continents is real and the international scientific
community cannot remain insensitive to the challenge of
preventing this happening," OIE Director-General Bernard
Vallat told a conference in Paris.

The H5N1 influenza virus, which has killed people in
Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia since it hit Asia in
2003, has also devastated trade and led to the
destruction of tens of millions of chickens and other
birds across the region.

A strain of the disease has recently surfaced in North
Korea, causing a cull of hundreds of thousands of

Experts fear that if the H5N1 virus mutated into a more
contagious form, it might unleash a global flu pandemic
that could kill millions of people.

Vallat said the best way to control the disease was to
tackle it at source, with a combination of culling and

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  1. Isn't' it bizarre to see that
    demonstrators can strike
    wherever they want in such
    country as China? Is the old
    CCP guards still angry at Hu
    and Wen and infuriated at
    Japan UNSC attempt. Are
    these strikes "political
    activities" pre-organized.
    Police closed to the crowds.
    Anyone arrested ? Are
    Universities there under
    lecturing by Party promising
    activists. Japanese media
    coverage was quite a surprise
    too. This piece from the CSM
    is quite interesting on the

    Quotes :

    "Take a big knife and chop
    off head of Japanese devil."

    Not since 1985, when the then
    Japanese prime minister
    visited the Yasukuni Shrine,
    has Beijing allowed such a

    While described as a
    spontaneous rally, the
    organized nature of the
    Saturday protest seemed
    apparent to some observers.
    Areas for press, protesters,
    and riot police were taped
    off. Movement was carefully
    organized: crowds were sent
    past the Japanese Embassy,
    then to buses to usher them
    out. One policeman told an
    approaching reporter that a
    detour was necessary, since
    "political activity" had been

    A seat for Japan on the
    Security Council would alter
    China's current status as the
    only Asian member of the
    council. While Beijing has
    supported multilateralism in
    much of the world, it has
    been reluctant to do so in
    Asia, its closest sphere of

    Here, most of the
    relationships between
    neighboring states and
    Beijing are bilateral.

    Some Western diplomats say
    that while China has shown
    its unpredictability, Tokyo
    continues to give its
    neighbors a target. "Japan
    has a problem with its
    neighbors and its neighbors
    all say so," notes a senior
    Western diplomat. "Yet they
    are solid allies of
    Washington. We still don't
    know which way China is

    One protester said he was
    embarrassed that his friends
    were throwing bottles at the

    "I was at the American
    embassy in 1999 [when it was
    attacked after the accidental
    bombing of the Chinese
    embassy in Belgrade] and I
    asked my friends not to throw
    things at that time, too."

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