Sunday, May 03, 2009

"Tokyo Olympics 2016 endorsement dwindled" Who said what?

Support the Tokyo 2016 Olympic Games! Tokyo 2016 Bid Committee

Tokyo people do not want the 2016 Olympic Games? Who
dared to say so? Better ask the whole country,
non-metropolis people included. Here is the story.

I noticed a quite surprising discrepancy in survey
evaluation about Tokyo 2016 Olympics by Japanese and
foreign mass media. Who mislead the flock? Western
press agencies report that according to an
International Olympic Committee (IOC) poll of Tokyo
residents, only 56 per cent supported Tokyo's bid for
the 2016 Summer Olympic Games
. It was reportedly the
lowest rate of any of the four cities bidding for the
2016 Games.

The IOC's Evaluation Commission carried out surveys in
February simultaneously in Tokyo and its rival bid
cities (Chicago, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro) and will
submit the results in their final report. According to
AP press agency the rate of support was down slightly
from the 59 per cent of respondents that supported
Tokyo's bid last June
, when the IOC cut the number of
candidate cities from event to four. A senior Tokyo
official confirmed the IOC figure to Reuters on
Saturday, while pointing to results of the bid
committee's own survey in January.

Tokyo bid leaders said 70 per cent of respondents
interviewed nation wide supported the bid
, two per
cent more than the support from the city's residents.
A recent Yomiuri poll places support from Tokyo
residents at 76 per cent
. Quite amazingly, no-one at
the IOC Evaluation Committee wanted to answer to the
question regarding this famous survey at the final
visit press conference I attended at the Okura mid

Clarifications required, I say. IOC events, crisis,
flu, bids' gimmicks do not play by the book,

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